Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creatively Coping: Knit a Heart Pin or Pins

I discovered a very cute and easy pattern available online for knitting little hearts.

I realize that knitting little hearts would be a great way making quick thank you gifts for NICU nurses.

The hearts could be turned into pins, used as decorations on packages or even a mobile for your NICU baby. Keeping idle hands busy and knitting is one of the ways that a NICU parent (or grandparent) can TAKE CARE to get through the NICU adventure.

This pattern is a really easy way to use up yarn leftovers as can be seen in this blog post on closely knit, love letter in yarn.

The Heart Pin pattern is available from Hannah Fettig of knitbot. It is one of the patterns available in her book, Closely Knit: Handmade Gifts For The Ones You Love, her beautiful collection of handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Pattern: Hannah Fetting. Heart Pin Pattern From Closely Knit. Knitbot.

Image: Adapted from Marieke Kuijjer. Knitted Heart. Creative Commons License.

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