Friday, April 18, 2008

TAKE CARE During Difficult Times

Figuring out what to do when faced with life's challenges can be very difficult. I have shared some tips for coping with loss from the Journey of Hearts site with a reminder to focus on the basics after a sudden loss.

TAKE CARE has been developed as an acronym to be used as a to reminder to focus on the basics following a loss, death or significant life changing.
  • Time that is needed to survive the grief.
  • Avoid alcohol and other medications.
  • Keep to some routine or schedule.
  • Eat a balanced diet, focusing on healthy foods and water.
  • Converse with others, especially those that have ‘been there’ and 'survived that.'
  • Artistic ways of coping – journaling, building, crafting, knitting and others.
  • Rest and Sleep are important coping strategies.
  • Exercise to reduce stress and improve mood.
This reminder to TAKE CARE covers most of the basics to focus on following a loss that I have been recommending to people for years in coping with loss.

Image Source: Modified from Deb Walker's Postit Note. Royalty Free Use.

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