Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NICU Parent Support CarePages

CarePages recognized that staying in touch with loved ones and friends while also managing a healthcare challenge can be difficult. But staying connected is a crucial component to getting, and staying well—for both patients and caregivers.

The NICU Parent Support CarePages allows you to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues before, during and after a healthcare challenge through a unique CarePages website.

CarePages provides free, private websites that make it easy to:

  • Update family, friends and even colleagues all at once
  • Share photos
  • Collect supporting messages from loved ones and friends
  • Learn more about healthcare issues
  • Connect to others with similar concerns
CarePages unique service allows you to create a personal, private web page to help family and friends communicate when a loved one is facing a challenge at the beginning of life as a newborn.

A CarePage is a great way for NICU parents to easily keep their loved ones updated on their NICU baby's condition.

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