Friday, June 22, 2007

Water Blessing Labels Turn Water (or Medicine) into Liquid Prayers

When I stumbled upon this website, I immediately loved the concept of using words as a simple way to enhance healing especially in the hospital setting and turn water or medicine into a liquid blessing for the patient and also for the family members.

Their motto seemed to resonate with me also:

Transform your water into Liquid Prayers.

The concept is simple. The Spirit of Water company has created crystal clear static-cling labels that be placed on containers of water or other fluids.

The idea that I liked the most was using these labels was one of the testimonials that I saw by a Chemotherapy nurse. She used the labels in the hospital setting, placing words of encouragement "courage" and "love" for her patient on I.V. fluids.

The wheels started turning as to how these labels could be used in the NICU setting to support NICU Parents and NICU Babies.

Empowering Parents to Participate in the Healing Process
My greatest frustration in being a NICU Parent was the helplessness and the feeling that I was not able to contribute anything to my daughter's care.

The inability to do anything, to contribute to my daughter’s care medically as a physician or emotionally to hold her hand and pacify her as a mother was indescribably frustrating. How was I supposed to "turn off" my years of training as a physician—being in the hospital, caring for patients and providing them comfort during a tormenting time? It was impossible.
We used several different additional modalities--music, blessings and touch--when my daughter was in the NICU. These were things that I thought to bring in as part of a more Integrative Approach to care, a way that I could participate in her care and enhance her treatment. It was my hope that these additional treatments would bolster her inherent strength and inner healing abilities.

Many of these ways of helping a NICU baby that we used have since been
shown in research studies to have some positive benefits with NICU babies. If nothing else, as long as the treatment is not harming the baby, I think letting parents 'do something' to actively participate in their child's care is very important.

Using Water Blessing Labels in the NICU setting
If the water blessing labels had been available at the time, I would have asked the NICU staff put them on her I.V. fluids. (e.g. love, healing, trust, courage, guidance).

I also would have used them on any bottled water we were drinking
(e.g. love, healing energy, manifesting miracles) as another way to feel that we were doing something by holding her in our foremost thoughts and using the power of words and positive thoughts even if we weren't with her.

Favorite Words or Combinations
This is a list of my favorite words or word combinations from their various collections. Maybe with enough interest, the company will eventually develop a line for the hospital setting.

  • From the Healing Medicine Collection - energy, courage, healing, wholeness, breakthrough, nurturance, body wisdom, healing + energy
  • From the Personal Growth Collection - love, health, trust, strength, success, vitality, gratitude
  • From the Prosperity Collection - focus, trust, success, miracles, manifest + miracles, gratitude

The Spirit of Water Water Blessing Labels

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