Friday, June 22, 2007

Music Used for NICU Newborns in Studies & Other Selections

Something that parents can do for their NICU newborn is to share music with them. Many studies have shown that music has the ability to soothe and nurture the NICU baby.

This Music Used for NICU Newborns list on Amazon of carefully selected CD titles are ones that have been used in NICU music studies on newborns or are other favorite music selections for NICU newborns. A few additional titles were added from our list of favorites.

The list of musical selections are also included below.
  • Lullaby Favorites: Music for Little People - This CD comes from one of my favorite companies, Music for Little People this is a soothing collection of many of the classic lullabies for babies. Includes many of the classics: All the Pretty Little Horses, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and
    Brahm's Lullaby.
  • Transitions: Soothing Music for Crying Infants(Transitions Music) - One of a series of CD's developed under the guidance of Dr. Fred Schwartz. Digital samples of womb sounds, barely discernible female vocals and the soft wash of other atmospheric sounds are combined to create music to reduce the stress of infant children and their parents.
  • Transitions 2: Music to Help Baby Sleep(Transitions Music) - One of a series of CD's developed under the guidance of Dr. Fred Schwartz. Soothing instrumental and vocal music are blended with womb sounds and the rhythm and sound of mother's breathing to create a relaxing musical environment for infants and their parents.
  • Dream A Little Dream (Transitions Music) - Another musical collection developed under the guidance of Dr. Fred Schwartz.

    This CD is a series of relaxing and soothing recognizable lullabies that include Dream a Little Dream, Journey, Sweetest Song, Rock into the Night, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and Dreamin'.
  • Baby Sleep - A collection of classical selections perfectly chosen to soothe babies and start them on an early appreciation of music.

    This CD includes selections such as: Adante, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Moderato, Nocturne No. 7, Cradlesong, Lullaby, Allegretto piacevole, Minuets Nos. 4 and 5 and Morning Prayer.

  • Music for Babies - From one of my favorite musical composers, Steven Halpern, Music for Babies surrounds babies (and their parents) with soothing music-- a warm blanket of sound to help babies relax and fall asleep more easily. Includes the classics Brahm's Lullaby (Cradle Song), Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Frere Jaques, My Bonnie and Beautiful Dreamer.
  • The Snow Faires: Newborn Snow Christmas Music - A collection of Christmas Music perfect for the Newborn that is hospitalized over the holiday season. This collection includes Christmas Classics such as What Child is This?, The First Noel, Silent Night, O Christmas Tree, Angels We Have Heard on High and Jingle Bells.

    Some of these songs may not be as soothing to NICU newborns, so might be better if used when your baby is a bit more stable.

Note: Before using any of these with your newborn, be sure to listen to the music yourself first. Excerpts of the musical selections can be found on the Amazon Pages by following the 'Listen to samples' or following the links."

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