Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comforting Moment: Take Life Moment by Moment

The more I understand grief and loss the more that I have come to realize that

On life's most difficult days

all that we can do
is simply take things
Moment by Moment.

Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS, FT

Taking life moment by moment is the best we can do or hope to do during difficult times or challenging times

Image: Sanja Gjenero Wall Clock. Royalty Free Use.

Friday, April 18, 2008

TAKE CARE During Difficult Times

Figuring out what to do when faced with life's challenges can be very difficult. I have shared some tips for coping with loss from the Journey of Hearts site with a reminder to focus on the basics after a sudden loss.

TAKE CARE has been developed as an acronym to be used as a to reminder to focus on the basics following a loss, death or significant life changing.
  • Time that is needed to survive the grief.
  • Avoid alcohol and other medications.
  • Keep to some routine or schedule.
  • Eat a balanced diet, focusing on healthy foods and water.
  • Converse with others, especially those that have ‘been there’ and 'survived that.'
  • Artistic ways of coping – journaling, building, crafting, knitting and others.
  • Rest and Sleep are important coping strategies.
  • Exercise to reduce stress and improve mood.
This reminder to TAKE CARE covers most of the basics to focus on following a loss that I have been recommending to people for years in coping with loss.

Image Source: Modified from Deb Walker's Postit Note. Royalty Free Use.