Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gift Ideas for NICU Parents and NICU Babies

I've been working on two separate pages with gift suggestions for NICU Parents and also for NICU babies.

I realized that many friends and family may be unsure what to do about getting a gift for parents whose baby is in the NICU. In retrospect I realized that we'd had a lot of family and friends waiting to see what was going to happen instead of sending a gift.

Unfortunately, not sending a gift to NICU parents may be sending the wrong message to the parents.

I have to agree with the advise of former NICU Mother, Kelby Carr
Don't let the fact that a baby is premature or in the NICU stop you from buying a gift, either for the baby of a gift for the mom of a NICU baby. No matter how perilous the situation is, the parents and baby will appreciate a gift. It could be the sliver of joyfulness they really badly need.
My advise would be to send a gift to the NICU Parent or NICU baby, to show your love and support.

Gift Ideas for NICU Parents and NICU Babies
The Gifts for NICU Parents page provides a list of suggestions with ideas for NICU parents from the practical to actual presents. Some cost money, other are just a gift of your time.

The Gifts for NICU Babies page provides a list of suggestions with ideas for useful gifts for NICU babies. It also includes a list with ideas for putting together a NICU Basket of gifts.

I'll be working on featuring many of the wonderful resources that I found which would make gifts for NICU babies and their parents.

Image: Adapted from Chobi Capeta's Heart Bag. Royalty Free Use.


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