Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lullaby Link - A Resource for Lullabies

Lullaby Link is a website developed by husband and wife, Tim and Amy Wilson. Lullaby Link provides lullabies, lullaby lyrics and other resources to help support parents in bringing music into the home.

Website Resources
At Lullaby Link you will find lyrics, melodies and "how to" videos, easy songs, words for the classic lullabies, a downloadable Lyrics Ebook, ideas for non-singers and a "Listening Center."

Music Resource
In addition to the resources at Lullaby Link, Amy Robbins-Wilson composed lullabies and prayers for her son. These were transformed into "the CD I wish I'd had during my first year of motherhood," The Divine Hours of Motherhood: Lullabies and Prayers for Mothers and Babies.

Here collection of comforting prayers and soothing lullabies includes songs such as: Angels Gather Here, Angels Watch Over My Baby, Bless this Child, Vespers, A Nighttime Blessing, Vigils and Child of Moonlight.

The Divine Hours of Motherhood can be ordered as a CD or downloaded as an MP3 Album.

More Suggestions for Using Lullabies in the NICU

Amy's son Clayton was in the NICU. She shares her insights on using sound and song on their page on NICU Music Ideas:

No matter how your baby begins his earthly life, you can use sound and music to bond with them. Even if your baby is too small to be held, there is healing for them in your voice and they will be thrilled every time they hear you.

Amy offers some great ways to use music with premature babies:

  1. Hum. This is especially effective if you and your baby are skin to skin and heart to heart on your chest.
  2. Sing them a lullaby.
  3. Sing their name to them softly over and over.
For more on using Music in the NICU, follow the links below.

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