Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spirit of Water - Love is in the NICU

I am honored that a blog post from a couple of years ago was featured in the February Newsletter from The Spirit of Water. You can read what was included in their newsletter below. The details are a bit muddled, but the sentiment is still real.
Love is in the NICU

An extraordinary expression of love arrived in my email this past month. It was from a doctor who writes a support blog for NICU parents (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). She shared a link to her blog where she has written about water blessing labels and how she used them for her own premature infant and now recommends them to other terrified parents - those who wait and hope their precious infants will survive. Her blog brought tears to my eyes.

But it also opened my heart to a new way of offering love to those who face such challenges. Though her blog [post] was written a few years ago, it is still pertinent today. Read it and weep with love!
The post, Water Blessing Lables Turn Water (or Medicine) into Liquid Prayers was written in June 2007, soon after I discovered the site.

Gifting Water Blessing Labels
The Spirit of Water Water Blessing LabelsI have since gone on to send these labels to friends who are going through tough times, colleagues who are trying to lose weight and as a supportive gift for an athlete facing a cancer diagnosis

They have a variety of themes including: Personal Growth, Prosperity, Healing Medicine, Sacred Feminine, Feng Shui, Sacred Symbols, Law of Attraction and Love & Gratitude. Some of the labels lend themselves better to being used in the NICU, other to being used in different situations.

You can order Water Blessing Labels for yourself from the Spirit of Water Website.

More Resources:
The Spirit of Water Website.
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