Monday, March 2, 2009

The Violet Heart Pin - A Remembrance Pin to Honor a NICU Baby

The Violet Heart Pin was created as something that I would have liked to have had to wear while my daughter was in the NICU.

The pin
was designed as a way of expressing heartfelt sympathies during challenging times, acknowledging the courage of those facing a significant life challenge or recognizing a current or past challenge.

Violet Heart Pin can be worn by parents whose baby is in NICU as a reminder that they are holding their baby in their thoughts and prayers. Parents can also encourage family and friends to wear a Violet Heart Pin to indicate they are keeping the baby in their thoughts and prayers.

The Violet Heart Pin is also a way of expressing the loss of a NICU baby, or as a gift to express heartfelt sympathies for those who have lost a child.

The Violet Heart™ design combines the courage of the Purple Heart, the tears shed by a sorrowful spirit, the healing nature of the color violet with the hope of spring violets to represent courage, healing & hope. The design encloses a single tear inside of a violet-colored heart to symbolize sadness, courage and healing.

It is a simple way of revealing behind the smile, inside a heart that is crying.

These pins come in two versions one with a violet heart and a blue tear and the other a stylized version with a white heart and tear outlined in violet.

The pins measure between 5/8 and 7/8 of an inch and come attractively displayed on a 2 x 3 1/2 inch card and are available through PayPal for $5.99 plus 2.50 Shipping and Handling.

Find out more about the Violet Heart Collection at the Violet Heart website. To order see the Squidoo pages created for the Violet Heart Collection:

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