Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gift of Life from NICU Loss

Two articles in this month's O Magazine (March 2009) resonated with this former NICU Parent. They explored the issue of Milk Banks and how sometimes the gift of life can come from a NICU Loss.

"If anyone asks tell them we did this out of love for our babies."

Lynn Page
The article on "One Woman's Mission to Save Babies" was a very moving account about one woman's experience with a Milk Bank. Without giving too much away, the story is about Pediatric Psychologist, Lynn Page's experience with donating to Milk Bank following the birth of her premature triplets.

Her story in "O" and available online at Oprah's website, underscores how sometimes good things can come from loss.

O Magazine also took a look at the issue of whether or not Health Insurance will cover Breast Milk "Is Breast Milk Covered by Health Insurance?"

Thoughts on the Issue
I was glad to see the magazine raising these issues. Hopefully something will happen between the increased awareness to change health insurance coverage of this vital 'medicine' made by moms.

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