Friday, August 3, 2007

Creatively Coping: Preemie Prayer Pockets

Laurie Anderson of Southern Stitches has created a beautiful idea for NICU Parents and their family and friends. You can create a Preemie Prayer Pocket as a gift for parents, family, friends and nurses to wear and think about your baby or other NICU babies. It is a wonderful idea of creatively coping with the NICU.

Preemie Prayer Pocket

The tiny footprints on the design were taken from a 14-week old baby weighing 3 oz. You can download the instructions on her website. Follow the directions to create the pocket, enclose the preemie prayer, or any other message.

To simply attach a pin to the back for wearing, or use baby diaper pins if you want something more decorative.

The Prayer for the Preemie Pocket
Preemie Prayer Pockets have an prayer enclosed within the pocket.

Prayer for the Prayer Pocket

If you have worries, fears and tears
for this tiny baby, held so dear,
just tuck them in this little heart…
Angels will take them to God above
and He will comfort you with His healing love.
When you come back later and peek inside.
You will see there's nothing left to hide…
for God's love will forever abide.
Once you get the Preemie Pocket Prayer, you can write down your own concerns and stick them in the pocket.


The preemie patterns are to be used only for charity sewing for preemies, no sales are allowed.
The designs and instructions themselves are copyrighted and all rights remain with Laurie Anderson/Southern Stitches

Designs © Laurie Anderson, Southern Stitches. The designs are for charity use only. No sales are allowed.

Anderson L. Preemie Prayer Pockets. Threads of Love. Southern Stitches.

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