Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Gift for NICU Parents - Our Complimentary NICU eBook

Free NICU eBookI have just finished publishing our new eBook For Those Who Hold the Littlest Hands. This is a fairly short eBook (25 pages) that can be read in one sitting, over several short bits of time, or used as a reference when needed.

This book is available as a gift for NICU parents with information, resources, encouragement and suggestions for making it through a challenging time.

I am interested in feedback, comments, reviews from NICU parents, NICU family, friends and professionals who may be working with NICU parents and might use this as a resource for NICU Parents.

The information about the Free eBook can be found in two places:

On the NICU Parent Support Site:

and On the Squidoo Free NICU eBook lens:

The NICU eBook is available to download in several versions:
  • Full color with the cover included - 336 kb
  • Full color without the cover - 320 kb
  • Black & White (to save on printer costs) - 302 kb
You can access the eBook through either of the links above.

Contact me at or by email (replace -at- with @) if you are having any problems.

Be sure to post comments to this Blog or to the Squidoo Free NICU eBook lens:

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