Monday, July 2, 2007

7/2 - Comforting Message - From a NICU Nurse - You're in the Best Hands

Today's comforting words come from an article written by Chris Colin, for the San Francisco Chronicle, a profile on the life of several ICN nurses from UCSF's ICN (Intensive Care Nursery).

In the article, Joni McGovern, a 12-year NICU Nurse at UCSF's Intensive Care Unit offered some words of encouragement for NICU or ICN parents.

Having a baby in the ICN can definitely be a nightmare. This was not in the parents' birth plan.
But once you're here, you're in the best hands.

Colin C. ON THE JOB: Saving babies: It's not a TV show but these nurses' jobs actually are life-or-death. SF Gate. July 2, 2007. Available at:

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