Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Supporting Parents and Relatives In Neonatal Grief (S.P.R.I.N.G.)

S.P.R.I.N.G. (Supporting Parents and Relatives In Neonatal Grief) is an organization in the U.K. that provides many unique resources and local opportunities for parents experiencing neonatal grief.

Supporting Parents and Relatives In Neonatal Grief was established to provide support to parents and relatives who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, at, or just after birth. This includes miscarriage, stillbirth and termination for foetal abnormality.

S.P.R.I.N.G. is run by a unique combination of bereaved parents, relatives and caring professionals from the Poole Maternity Unit in Poole, Dorset in the U.K.

Their aim is to befriend and support through grief. This is achieved by offering counseling, befriending and monthly support meetings.

Little Angels - Knitting for the Poole Maternity
Supporting Parents and Relatives In Neonatal Grief also encourages knitters to kit and donate baby clothes and teddies for their fundraisers.

On their website they have two knitting patterns on the site, one for this cute teddy bear and another one for booties and hat.

Knitting Angels is a great idea for other NICU's and NICU families to adopt in the United States and other countries.

More Knitting Projects
If you are interested in sharing your knitting or crocheting talents with NICU newborns, contact your local NICU and see if there is an organized program there.

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