Monday, April 27, 2009

Grieving for Babies - Grieving for NICU Babies

Grieving for Babies is an online web resource that provides guidance for grieving families and NICU providers.

Developed and produced by
by DIA Productions in collaboration with SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children's Hospital and Stepstone Productions, Grieving for Babies offers resources for parents and professionals.

Programs from Grieving for Babies
Grieving in the NICU: Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies - For Families This program is directed towards the needs of grieving family members. The DVD includes a 70-minute chaptered video addressing topics of the initial shock and intense grief, carrying on with life, the grief of siblings and grandparents, and the role of chaplains throughout the bereavement process.

Grieving in the NICU: Supporting Families and the Health Team When a Baby Dies - For Providers
This program is designed to help health care professionals play an integral part in the lives of parents faced with the death of a baby.

I am signed up to take the Grieving in the NICU Supporting Families and the Health Team for continuing education units. I will keep you posted as to the results of taking the course.

For More on Grieving for Babies see their website.

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