Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PBS Special – Born Too Soon: Premature Births on the Rise

Why does the United States have so many babies who are born too soon?

Why does the United states have the highest rate of premature births in any of the developed nations of the world?

These are some of the perplexing questions the show QUEST* set out to answer.

At the time of the show’s production, QUEST’s Coordinating Producer, Amy Miller was 28 weeks pregnant with twins. Carrying multiples she is at a higher risk for her pregnancy, including possibly delivering her twins early, or preterm. (See the Quest blog for updates on her condition)

The QUEST team met with some of the San Francisco Bay Area researchers who are working in the field of neonatology to discover the reasons for the high rate of preterm births. They also explored some of the technology, research and cutting-edge medical procedures used to care for the most vulnerable newborns.

You can watch the Born Too Soon: Premature Births on the Rise program through the link below, or visit their website.

More NICU Photos:
Additional Photos from the series are available for viewing in Flickr, as you go behind the scenes with the production team, filming in a neonatal nursery.

More about QUEST
KQED’s QUEST is a new multimedia series that looks at the people behind San Francisco Bay Area science and environmental issues. The program also explores how the work of these people is changing the way we live. QUEST is a production of KQED.

QUEST Television airs every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. PST on KQED 9, KQED HD, and in vivid high definition on Comcast 709.

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