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Leave a Zaky hand with Your NICU Baby - Providing Comfort When You are Not There

I think one of the most difficult things for NICU parents to do is to realize that they cannot stay with their NICU baby 24/7 and at some time you have to leave the hospital and your precious baby behind.

I discovered a wonderful product designed by a former NICU Parent that helps provide support and comfort to a NICU baby while you are not there -
The Zaky®.

This product is an answer to the questions "What can I do to support my NICU baby?" I know we would have gotten one for our daughter had they been around at the time.

About the
The Zaky®
The Zaky® was designed by a NICU parent, Yamile Jackson, who has a PhD in ergonomics & human factors engineering after her own NICU experience with her son Zachary in 2001.

The award-winning ergonomic, bonding, therapeutic positioning pillow was designed
especially for premature babies that have to be left at the hospital away from their parents.

The special hand allows you to "leave a hand with a loved one" and "give your baby a hand" when you are not there.

By mimicking the shape, weight and touch of a human hand, the Zaky
® provides comfort to NICU babies (and others) giving support and a sense of security. In the NICU setting, the Zaky® can be another helpful hand assisting with positioning.

Providing Comfort When You are Not There
Here is a list of some of the comforting benefits provided by this
ergonomic, bonding, therapeutic positioning pillow.
  • The size and weight simulates the hand and touch of the mother.
  • It may be used on top, around and under the baby to provide boundaries (except on the face).
  • Babies feel reassured as if someone is touching them, which assists in their need of feeling protected.
  • It assists nurses and care givers as she can leave a Zaky® with each baby.
  • Parents feel as they are leaving one hand with their baby, helping them feel more involved in the care of the patient.
  • May be warmed in the towel warmer at hospitals and on the dryer at home.
In addition the Zaky® can be scented with the scent of mom, dad, or siblings. Scenting the Zaky® can provide a great deal of comfort and assist the baby's transitions to different environments in the hospital, in the car or once at home. The Zaky® is something constant and helps to reduce the shock many baby's experience with different lighting, scents, sounds, temperature, etc.

Uses - NICU and Others
The Zaky
® has been used by mothers, fathers and family members, neonatologists, pediatricians, surgeons, obgyns, nurses, physical & occupational therapists, infant massage therapists, developmental specialists & ergonomists. It has been used in NICUs since 2001 and in homes and child care facilities since 2004.

In addition to being used in the NICU setting, the Zaky
® is also being used to provide comfort in other settings:
  • In hospitals for children and adults that have long hospital stays due to cancer, burn treatments and others.
  • In child care centers and at home for children to use as a comforting security item.
  • In hospitals to help position patients after surgical procedures.
  • In nursing homes to provide comfort and a sense of security to seniors.
Oboz Program - Donate a Zaky® to Your NICU
This is a great idea. The Zakeez company has already
donated over 2,000 Zakys to NICUs worldwide to help their sickest children. They donate the Zaky® to the hospital that you specify and all you have to do is pay for minimal administration fees, shipping and handling. You can donate a Zaky® to your NICU for $7.98.

More about the Oboz Program:

The Zaky® has been presented at several conferences on"Human Hand Mimetic Comforts High Risk Neonates" and "The benefits of the Zaky for mothers, babies, and medical personnel."

Ordering Information for NICU Parents:
I have included the prices when the blog was posted. The Zaky comes as a right hand or as a left hand.
From the Zaky site - Is there a difference between the Right and the Left Hand?
  • There appears to be no difference for the baby.
  • Right and left hands are offered because it looks more natural to have one of each if they are use on the same baby.
  • Some parents have preferences--if they are right handed, they want a right Zaky, if they use their left handed, they want a left hand.
  • Many parents choose to get the Zaky in the hand that they use the most to provide comfort for their baby, which may not always be their dominant hand.

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Judy said...

We got a few of these as a sample. They are WONDERFUL! Right now our unit committee is working on having them added to our store room as a patient charge item. I'm glad to see that they're relatively inexpensive. I had no idea what they cost.

Mom 4 Life said...

I love the story behind this product. It is a so beautiful to see beauty come out of pain!

abby said...

Our daughter, Hallie, a 23 weeker, LOVED these...she used them in her isolette in crib as a comfort device and for positioning and providing her with 'weight' for four months and in her bouncy chair when she got home for three months. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in getting a present for a NICU baby investigate these.